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Principal’s Message February 7, 2020










Kindergarteners hard at work reading and sorting character descriptions.

Dear Anne Fox Community,
It has been a productive week at Anne Fox School. Students and staff have been working hard on preparing for the upcoming conferences next week. This is a wonderful time for students to share their learning with their families. In addition, students will have the opportunity during the school day to shop at the The Scholastic Book Fair. Flyers will be coming home on Monday afternoon. On Thursday, the book fair, located in the library, will be open until 7:00pm for families to shop as well. 

Hope to see you at the VIP Valentine’s Dance this evening. Details are below.










Important Notice From The Office
Thank you to all the parents who call into the office/attendance line each day when your student is late or absent.  Your student’s safety is our top priority.   When they are not in attendance by 8:40am and a message has not been left on the attendance line, the office makes phone calls home for each and every student.  We appreciate your help in minimizing the number of phone calls from the office.  Please leave a message by 8:30am at 1-630-736-3500 (press #1 for the attendance line) when your student is late or absent.

Raging Waves Fitness Log
Starting on Monday, February 10th.  Students are encouraged to do 30 minutes of exercise a day for 50 days straight to earn a free ticket to Raging Waves Water Park.  The 50 days of exercise concludes on Friday, April 3rd.  Students will then turn in their Fitness Logs to Mr. Bending.  The Students will receive their Fitness Logs on Friday from their classroom teachers.  Additionally, Raging Waves will be sending out a code for their website for family members to receive discounted tickets in the near future.  Feel free to call me at (847)357-2123 or e-mail at if you have any questions. Let’s get moving! Mr. Bending

From the Nurse:
This letter is to inform you of a case of conjunctivitis in your child’s grade. This is commonly known as “PINK EYE”.

Symptoms may include

* Itchy, burning, watery eyes
* Sensitivity to light
* Clear to pus-like discharge from the eye
* Crusted or sealed eye lids upon awakening
* Redness of the white lining of the eye


* Confirmed by health care provider


* Conjunctivitis may be caused by a bacteria, virus, or allergen
* Direct contact with an infected person
* Indirect contact with contaminated surfaces or objects


* Consult healthcare provider
* Eye medication may be prescribed depending on the cause
* Medication should be given a minimum of 24 hours before returning to school


* Child should use own towel and wash cloth
* Remind child to avoid touching/rubbing their eyes and wash hands frequently

If your child develops symptoms similar to those of conjunctivitis, please keep your child home from school, contact your healthcare provider, and inform the school nurse of a confirmed case. Remember that good hand washing is the number one way to prevent the spread of communicable disease.

Esta carta es para informarle de los sintomas de conjunctivitis. Esto es conocido también como “PINK EYE”.

Los síntomas pueden incluir:

* Comezón, ardor, ojos llorosos
* Sencibilidad a la luz
* Secreción clara del ojo que después se convierte en pus
* La secreción que tiene mientras duerme ocasiona que los parpados se queden  pegados al despertar
* Enrojecimiento en la parte blanca del ojo


* Confirmado por un doctor


* La conjuntivitis puede ser causada por una bacteria, un virus o un alérgeno
* Contacto directo con una persona infectada
* Contacto indirecto con superficies u objetos contaminados


* Consúltelo con su doctor
* Medicina para el ojo puede ser prescrita dependiendo la causa
* La medicina debe ser administrada mínimo 24 horas antes de que regrese a la escuela


* El niño debe de usar su propia toalla o pañuelo
* Recuérdele a su niño/a que evite tocar/tallar sus ojos y lavarse las manos


Si su hijo/a desarrolla síntomas similares a los de la conjuntivitis, por favor mantenga a su hijo en casa, contacte a su doctor, e informe a la enfermera de la escuela si su caso es confirmado. Recuerde que lavarse bien las manos es una de las mejores maneras para prevenir la transmisión de enfermedades contagiosas.

PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports)
The Cool Tool for the month of February is Pride in our Spaces. This Cool Tool encourages students to take pride in our school by taking care of the building. We will be focusing on how we can keep things clean in all areas of our school like the hallway, classroom, the gym, and the restrooms.

Dates to Remember

  • 2/7 VIP Valentine’s Dance
  • 2/13 Conferences- Half day- Student dismissal at 11:40 AM
  • 2/14 Conferences- No school for students
  • 2/17 President’s Day- No School

Have a great weekend,

Colette Bell & Priscilla Buchanan