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Drop and Go Reminders

Drop and Go is a safe and systematic process for parents to drop children off before school during the winter months.

  • When parents enter the parking lot please turn right and follow the flow of traffic.
  • Students should ONLY get out of the car once you have reached the front of the traffic line at the orange cone.
  • PLEASE remember you cannot pass a bus with its stop sign out.  This is very important!!
  • PLEASE do not park your car and wait in parking spaces with your engine running.  When you use up the parking spaces, it’s hard for your children’s teachers and other staff to find a parking spot.  The car exhaust also affects the quality of the indoor air in our building when cars sit there idling for 20 or more minutes in the mornings, too.

Thank you for your cooperation during Drop-and-Go 🙂

After Spring Break (in March) we will return to our regular process and the parking lot will close from 8:20-8:45 every morning.