Mrs. Bell Receives “Those Who Excel” Award

Fox School is proud to announce that our own principal, Mrs. Colette Bell, has been awarded a prestigious “Those Who Excel” Award by the Illinois State Board of Education.  She and the other four award recipients from District 54 will be recognized at a banquet on October 28 in Normal, IL.  The press release from School District 54 follows.

Colette Bell, the principal of Anne Fox Elementary School in Hanover Park, is the living embodiment of believing all students deserve the very best educational opportunity. She views student success as both academic and social/emotional growth and achieves this growth by fostering trusting relationships with students, staff, parents and the community.

Every student knows they are loved, cared for and respected as part of the Fox community. Colette knows the needs of her students and partners with others to provide opportunities for support. Colette fostered the development of many after-school clubs where students remain in the safe environment of the school, while enjoying fun learning opportunities beyond the school hours.

Colette’s connection to the community is evident in the many events she develops for community outreach. She is seen knocking on the doors of students’ homes the day before school starts to let them know she and the entire Fox staff are excited for them to come back for another school year. She opens the school doors for many events that make families feel the school is an extension of their home. At a recent event celebrating reading and writing, there was a line of families around the school to enter because they know it will be a worthy event focused on their children. Colette creates this sense of community with a meal provided for all families and a central theme for the event that includes the involvement of every student. You can hear Colette at these events addressing families by name, including students that aren’t even of school age yet who attend with older siblings.